Custom Web Design
Includes one year domain and one month hosting.
Price: $2,599.00
Timeline: 30 days
Project Description:

Design of a professional website for an individual, business, or organization. The website will be made from scratch based on client specifications and designer's professional opinion. The Designer will format and display the text and images provided by the client. This package includes 10 free images from This project includes one year domain registration and one month free hosting. All HotDoodle websites are hosted on HotDoodle servers. For full details about what the project includes, please click here.

The Designer will:

  • Build up to 10 pages
  • Provide a rough draft and 2 working website drafts for client review with up to 4 rounds of revisions
  • Register a new domain or link an existing domain to take the website live on the web

The client will supply:

  • All text for the website
  • Any other relevant material for the Designer to use
  • For full client requirements, please click here.

Note: This project delivers a new website based on the content provided by the client, and it includes configuring a web address, i.e. domain. This project does not include custom content creation such as web writing, audio or video editing, search engine optimization, and more. For full restrictions, please click here.

Describe What You Need
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HotDoodle Template:
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Example Site:

Desired Terms
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Payment Schedule:
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 Full payment released to PenPal upon project completion
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 Progress payments, as described below
Disclaimer: PenPals are independent contractors and, unless noted, are not HotDoodle employees. Project scope and payment terms must be agreed upon between the Client and the PenPal before work begins. With the exception of HotDoodle employed PenPals, HotDoodle is simply playing the role of a match-up service. Given the nature of this engagement, either PenPal or Client will be at risk for some payment or service. HotDoodle encourages all parties to work in good faith, but leaves it to the Client and PenPal to agree on a project outline and payment terms, i.e. payment up front, upon completion or progress payments. Please see HotDoodle Terms and Conditions for details.

Bidding Period
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